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searchterm: 'RIYADH Saudi Arabia'
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Sheraton Riyadh Hotel & Towers
King Fahad Road PO Box 90807
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11623
tel.: 1-454-3300
thm-code: 181890

Minhal Holiday Inn Riyadh
King Abdul Aziz Rd
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11484
tel.: 1-478-2500
thm-code: 181900

Marriott Hotel
Al Maather St
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11464
tel.: 1-477-9300
thm-code: 181881

Radisson SAS Hotel
King Abulaziz St
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 18006
tel.: 1-479-1234
thm-code: 181902

Fours Seasons Hotel Riyadh
Kingdom Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11321
tel.: 1-211-5000
thm-code: 181888

Salahedin Hotel
King Abdulaziz St
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11691
tel.: 1-454-4888
thm-code: 181903

Hotel Al Khozama, A Rosewood Hotel
418 Olaya Rd
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11491
tel.: 1-465-4650
thm-code: 181893

Al Faisaliah Hotel, A Rosewood Hotel
King Fahad Rd
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11491
tel.: 1-273-2000
thm-code: 181889

Hotel Dallah
King Faisal St
Madinah, Saudi Arabia
tel.: 4-8360645
thm-code: 181782

Makkah Hotel & Towers
Al Ghazah St
Mecca, Saudi Arabia 14315
tel.: 2-576-0000
thm-code: 181555

Hotel Umm Alqura
Al Masjid Al Haram St
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
tel.: 2-570-2212
thm-code: 181542

Novotel Elaf Al Huda
Makkah Al Mukarram
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
tel.: 2-5494040
thm-code: 181550

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