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searchterm: 'Jeddah Jiddah Saudi Arabia'
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The Trident
Mina St
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 21494
tel.: 2-6474444
thm-code: 181548

Le Meridien Jeddah
Medinah Rd
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 21463
tel.: 2-663-3333
thm-code: 181549

Holiday Inn Jeddah Al Salam
King Khaled St Makkah Rd
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 21452
tel.: 2-631-4000
thm-code: 181547

Sands Hotel
Al-Hamra - Al Andalous
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 21462
tel.: 2-669-2020
thm-code: 181552

Hilton Hotel
North Corniche Rd
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 21382
tel.: 2-659-0000
thm-code: 181557

Red Sea Palace Hotel
King Abdul Aziz St
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 21421
tel.: 2-642-8555
thm-code: 181551

Marriott Hotel
Palestine Rd & King Fahad
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 21442
tel.: 2-671-4000
thm-code: 190530

Makkah InterContinental
Old Jeddah Rd
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
tel.: 2-560-1000
thm-code: 181543

Hotel Dallah
King Faisal St
Madinah, Saudi Arabia
tel.: 4-8360645
thm-code: 181782

Makkah Hotel & Towers
Al Ghazah St
Mecca, Saudi Arabia 14315
tel.: 2-576-0000
thm-code: 181555

Hotel Umm Alqura
Al Masjid Al Haram St
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
tel.: 2-570-2212
thm-code: 181542

Novotel Elaf Al Huda
Makkah Al Mukarram
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
tel.: 2-5494040
thm-code: 181550

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